GDCT Prospective Rescue Questionnaire


Street Address:


State or Province:

Zip/Postal Code:




Own your home or rent?

How many adults live with you?

How many children in your home?

Do have a preference as to gender? (M/F/No Preference)

Do you have a preference as to age? (Puppy, 1 2 years, 3 - 6 years, Senior, No Preference)

There are times when we receive a Dane that requires special attention or medications.
Would you consider a special needs Dane? (Yes/No)

Who will be primarily responsible for the Great Dane?

Have you ever owned a Great Dane?

If you have not owned a Dane, please explain why you wish to own one now?

Have you done any research on the Great Dane breed and if so, how much?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Would your Dane primarily spend its time indoors or out?

Do you know there is an adoption fee for a rescue Great Dane?

Do you know that rescue Danes are spay/neutered?

What kind of training are you going to provide for your Great Dane?

How many hours in a typical day will your Great Dane be alone?

What kind of sleeping arrangements will you have for your Great Dane?

Currently, do you have pets? Please list.

Please list three references: one family, one friend and your veterinarian.

Any additional comments you would like to make.